Contract Negotiations And Drafting

Draft A Contract That Meets Your Needs

A well-written contract is the foundation of every business transaction and partnership, so it’s vitally important that your contracts be written with the foresight and detailed knowledge that only a team of experienced attorneys can offer.

At Gesk Moritz, LLC our contract negotiation attorneys are committed to crafting detailed, airtight contracts for our clients in the Pittsburgh metro area and western Pennsylvania.

Decades Of Experience In Contract Drafting And Analysis

Our attorneys will take as large or small a role in the creation of your contract as your needs require. If you have a question about an existing contract, we’ll gladly offer you our professional advice. We’ll also draft commercial and residential contracts from scratch, and facilitate negotiations between all parties to reach a compromise that is satisfactory to all.

Our wide range of contract services includes:

  • Drafting new commercial and residential lease contracts, and interpreting existing leases
  • Interpreting noncompete agreements in employment contracts so that you can decide whether it’s safe to leave your current job
  • Contracts governing mergers and acquisitions of businesses, as well as the sale of a business’s assets
  • Contracts governing mineral rights, including oil and gas leases, for property owners hoping to open their land to mining

Draft Your Next Contract With Experienced Legal Support

The lawyers at Gesk Moritz, LLC are well versed in contract law. We have decades of experience helping our clients create and modify contracts, and we have a record of helping our clients reach compromises and deals that are satisfactory to all parties.

To see how Gesk Moritz, LLC can help with your contract needs, call us at (412) 429-9100 or contact us online and schedule a free consultation in our Carnegie, Pennsylvania office.