Personal Injury

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Obtain Compensation After A Personal Injury

The personal injury lawyers at Gesk Moritz, LLC have represented clients suffering from a wide range of injuries. We’re committed to helping you obtain the full compensation to which you’re entitled when your injury has been caused by someone else’s negligence.

We Offer Legal Support For A Wide Variety Of Personal Injury Claims

  • Construction-related injuries: Construction workers and bystanders can be severely or fatally injured while on or near construction sites. These injuries are often the result of poor workmanship, negligent conduct or poor safety standards.
  • Products Liability: People are often injured due to a product or drug being manufactured wrong or designed in a way to make it unsafe. In other situations, the seller of the product or drug fails to warn the consumer about the potential dangers. The law provides compensation for such situations.
  • Car accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are all too common in Pennsylvania, and their impact can range from minor to life-changing.
  • Slip and fall: Along with other types of premises liability cases, we’ll help you keep property owners accountable if their negligence led to an injury.
  • Brain injury: Concussions and other head injuries are serious medical conditions that can be caused by relatively minor collisions on the road, the football field, or just about anywhere.
  • Civil Rights: Citizens detained by police, under arrest or incarcerated maintain certain rights. We represent those individuals injured by government officials, including police officers, state troopers and jail and prison employees.

Our Experienced Attorneys Will Help You Obtain Compensation

Get fair compensation for a personal injury you’ve suffered due to someone else’s negligence. We have decades of experience helping our clients resolve their cases quickly and cost-effectively, and we have a record of successful outcomes.

To see how Gesk Moritz, LLC can help with your case, call us at (412) 429-9100 or contact us online and schedule a free consultation in our Carnegie, Pennsylvania office.