Construction Law: Many Issues, One Goal

Planning for a construction project is a tedious undertaking. The web of laws and relationships between architects, construction companies and contractors can complicate an otherwise routine build. While no one wants a long, drawn-out process, it is often what happens when completing a project.

With the economy improving, the construction industry is expected to grow by five percent this year. Projects related to commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and public works are expected to rise. This projection means that your business may run into construction-related issues which could require a construction law attorney.

Construction law is a multifaceted issue that relates to the construction of any building or other structure. Legal matters related to contracts, defects, workers’ compensation, and property and real estate all fall under the umbrella of construction law. From homeowners to construction workers to real estate agents, construction law attorneys are there to help.

For homeowners

Have you ever built a house and discovered that something was wrong after completion? Because a home is the biggest investment a person makes in his or her lifetime, it is important to ensure that construction is done correctly. Defects related to piping and structure can increase the risk of fire and mold inside a home.

For construction contractors

Financial issues are often the largest contributing factor to construction industry disputes. Unexpected delays due to weather, labor or supplies can quickly drive up costs. A construction lawyer can help parties who, how and when a party pays for a delay or breach of contract.

For construction workers

Construction work is among the most dangerous duties in the country. Employers have an obligation under the law to keep employees safe on the job. Threats to job site safety include fall-related accidents and traumatic brain injuries. Filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit is a bottom-up way for employees to earn compensation for injuries and to ensure safer work for everyone in the industry.

Although many issues fall under construction law, attorneys have one goal in mind when approaching cases – to save disputing parties time and money in their arrangements. When costs matter, an attorney who understands the complexities of construction law can efficiently solve your dispute.

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