How Dangerous Are Construction Zones?

Highway work zones and work areas are dangerous for everyone on or around the roadway. The reality is that motorists may be traveling quickly through the area while workers are focused on getting their job done. Sometimes, both parties make mistakes that can lead to collisions.

It’s possible for workers to be put into harm’s way by drivers who are not cautious. Drivers who don’t slow down to reasonable speeds or fail to move over may cause serious, potentially fatal, crashes with pedestrians and other drivers.

At the same time, the work itself could put people in danger. Work zones could have debris that impacts the roadway or have work going on that influences the flow of traffic. Depending on the work zone, falling objects, vehicles and other hazards could all negatively impact drivers.

What can drivers do to be safer in construction zones?

In the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that around 773 people lose their lives annually in work zones. To help prevent that from happening, both drivers and workers have to work together to stay safe.

To be safer in construction zones, it’s important for drivers to stay alert. They should check their surroundings and be sure not to speed. Drivers can also put on their hazard lights if they notice a hazard in the roadway ahead of them.

How can workers stay safer in construction zones?

Construction workers should always focus on wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). They should also be aware of the traffic around them. Even though drivers should be slowing down, they may not. For this reason, anyone working in a work zone must pay close attention to what’s happening around them and avoid stepping or driving into the roadway when other drivers are approaching. They should always monitor the height of cranes and objects above the roadway, too, to prevent serious crashes with taller vehicles.

Taking safety precautions is key to helping drivers and workers get to their destinations safely. If you are hurt in a work zone accident, make sure you look into your legal options moving forward.

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