Important Takeaways From The Sturgis Rally

For motorcycle riders in the Midwest, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a premier summer event. Hundreds of thousands of riders descend on South Dakota for the two week event. While many news reports are about how many arrests are made and citations given, it is still a good time for a reminder of the tips that can keep riders safe.

This post will highlight a few. 

Wear a good helmet – The facts are not in dispute. Wearing a helmet increases your chances of survival in a crash. But when shopping for helmets, be sure that you choose one is certified by the federal government for safety. As such, you may have to pass on “cool” novelty helmets that may complete your look.

Don’t drink and ride – Law enforcement in South Dakota reported indicated that 28 people were arrested for riding while under the influence of alcohol. This comes with more than 500 warnings for intoxicated riding.  Simply put, don’t forget that alcohol can affect a rider’s judgment and balance, which could lead to accidents as well as criminal charges.  

Know your bike – For those who are considering a new motorcycle, it is a good idea to go on test rides to know what you want and what you can handle.  This allows you to minimize the risk of buying a bike that is too powerful for you.

As safe as you may be on your own bike, accidents caused by inattentive drivers still occur. If you have been injured, an experienced personal injury attorney can advise you.

The preceding is for informational purposes only.

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