When Injured Workers Can Claim Additional Compensation

Working on a construction site comes with a wide variety of risks. There are a number of ways a construction worker can be injured on site, and any injury carries with it the possibility of extended time away from work, expensive doctor visits and treatment and immeasurable pain and suffering.

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system exists to help workers better weather the financial storm that comes with an injury on a construction site. However, those benefits often do not equal the full pay that a worker was making, leading to some financial hardship.

In some cases, depending on who is responsible for the worker’s injury, it may be possible to also take action through a personal injury lawsuit for additional compensation. This is commonly known as a “third-party lawsuit.” It means that a third party, and not your employer, was directly responsible for your accident.

Some common examples of third-party accidents that could happen to construction workers include:

  • Being injured by a defective power tool
  • Poorly manufactured safety equipment not properly functioning
  • Being hit by a passing motorist if you are on a road construction site
  • Getting into a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence while driving a work truck

Additionally, construction sites typically feature workers from many different employers, including contractors and subcontractors. Anytime someone who does not work for your employer causes you harm, you may have grounds for a third-party lawsuit. These can include injuries like:

  • Electrocution because of an electrician’s faulty work
  • Falls from scaffolds or ladders
  • Injuries caused by falling debris

A work on a construction site can be hectic and fast paced. When you are hurt for any reason, the best thing to do is remember that you have rights, and an attorney may be able to help you better understand what compensation might be available to you.

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