What Are Some Common Types Of Construction Accidents?

Many people who work in the construction industry in the Carnegie area do so because of the high pay and endless supply of job opportunities. They may not realize that there is a dark side to the industry. Construction workers must work in environments that are full of hazards. These hazards often cause serious accidents that can significantly alter the lives of contractors and their families in mere seconds. 

Many laws and regulations have been implemented throughout the years to reduce the number of risks that construction contractors face while they are on the job. Despite those changes, construction accidents continue to happen at an alarming rate. According to the Fortune, in the private construction sector, 937 workers were involved in fatal worksite accidents in 2015. Common types of construction accidents that lead to serious worker injury and death include: 

Collapsing trenches 

Trenches are often necessary on most construction projects. Workers use them when they need to lay piping and utilities. Trenches can collapse causing the earth to cave in and objects, machinery and other items to fall on and entrap them. It is not uncommon for workers to become buried alive or electrocuted when trenches collapse. 

Defective and improper machinery use 

Machinery and tools are a staple of any construction environment. Employees should stay current in their training. They should label and report defective equipment immediately. When tools and machinery malfunction, they can cause cuts, broken bones, crush injuries, head trauma and death. 


Workers often work on multiple surface levels. They must stay alert and attentive while they are at work. When there are objects in their paths, workers horsing around, holes, uneven surfaces and other dangerous conditions, workers can suffer serious slip and fall injuries that include spinal and neck trauma and death. 

Construction accident injuries are often so severe that they result in disability and financial hardship for the victims and their families. Many injured contractors find it beneficial to work with attorneys for guidance on their injury claims.

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