Pennsylvania Road-Rage Incident Leads To Man’s Death

Every day, thousands of Pennsylvania motorists take to the road to travel to and from work, school and family obligations. Often, these motorists rely on their own instincts and education to make responsible decisions behind the wheel. However, sometimes, the careless or dangerous actions of others can put everyone at risk even if they are always driving cautiously and defensively. In some cases, road rage can occur if drivers become overly emotional in response to the frustrating or dangerous actions of other motorists. 

This was the case in a recent incident on a road in York. Police say that two vehicles collided with each other for a reason that is still unknown. The drivers of both vehicles were men and each vehicle contained several passengers. These passengers were the men’s children and significant other according to initial accident reports. After the collision, one of the men approached the other vehicle when he was shot by the other vehicle’s driver. Despite efforts to save the man and rush him to a local hospital, his injuries were too severe and he died enroute. Police suspect the incident stemmed from road rage, and the shooting remains under investigation. The suspect was released after questioning and no charges have been filed. The conditions of the other occupants of both vehicles are unknown. 

While motorists may take every precaution to stay safe while driving, they are not entirely safe from the actions of others. If someone has been injured in a car accident, they may benefit from the experience and assistance of a qualified attorney. 

Source: U.S. News, “Police: Man Shot, Killed After Car Crash,” Nov. 13, 2017

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