How Can I Avoid A Slip-And-Fall Accident?

As the temperatures drop and snow and ice accumulate on the ground in Carnegie, the risk of slip-and-fall accidents increases. Many people underestimate their safety when walking on various surfaces, especially during the cold season. Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injury. In 2014, 31,959 people died in unintentional fall accidents, states the Centers for Disease Control. 

Not all surfaces that are unsafe for use are easy to identify. Some sidewalks, floors and stairs may be covered in thin layers of ice (black ice) that is hard for people to detect. Usually, the places that people think are the safest contain the most hazards for fall accidents. Here are some suggestions for people to consider to reduce their chances of slipping and falling. 

Wear proper shoes 

Because there is likely to be snow, ice and water on floors and ground surfaces, people should wear shoes that have traction control and slip resistant treads. They should fit comfortably and be fastened properly. 

Avoid hazardous activities 

Many people like to jog when there are slick conditions. Jogging and brisk walks are not ideal until ground and floor surfaces are dry. If these activities are unavoidable, they should use extreme caution.

Choose paths carefully 

Some paths are less dangerous to walk on than others. Individuals should pay close attention to where they walk and avoid paths that have obstructions and hazardous conditions. They should also avoid walking in streets, parking lots and other areas where motor vehicles are likely to slide into them. 

People should keep their hands and arms free so they can use them to help brace themselves when they fall. They should also take slower steps to avoid balance issues that could lead to slip-and-fall accidents. 

Most slip-and-fall accidents are preventable. Property owners should take measures to keep their land and paths clear of fall hazards. The public should be mindful of their surroundings, footwear and watch where and how they walk.

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