Your Dream Home Is Defective. Now What?

You spend months, no, years planning your dream house and finally you see it coming to life right before your eyes. There are truly few things as exciting as watching your home plans take shape. However, the dream can suddenly turn into a nightmare when you realize that the builder you worked with cut corners, leading to defects.

Unfortunately, residential construction defects are very common in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Some of the most common construction defects include:

  • Mold and water issues
  • Electrical or heating issues
  • Soil and drainage issues
  • Cracks in the foundation, wall or roof
  • Structural issues

When any of these defects are present, it may be possible to hold the builder liable for the defects with a construction defect claim.

Making the defect claim in court

Some defects are easier to prove than others. “Patent” defects are ones that are obvious and take less effort to prove. Other, “latent” defects don’t rear their ugly heads until years after the home was constructed, and those can be more difficult to tie back to the builder. In any case, an expert will likely need to be called on to investigate the cause and potential fix for the problem.

If the construction defect claim is successful, you may be entitled to the cost of fixing the defect as well as the amount that your home’s value decreased due to the defect. An attorney with experience handling construction defect claims can explain more about how the laws in your state apply in your case.

Whether it was due to poor workmanship, the use of sub-par building materials or another error on behalf of your builder, you have every right to be upset about a construction defect. Your home is likely the biggest investment you will make in life, and it is where you spend the most time and, perhaps, raise your children.

In order to get the situation fixed in a timely and effective manner, the best bet is to work with an attorney who is skilled at handling these specific types of cases.

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