Elderly Woman Dies After Airport Fall, Family Sues

For families with disabled loved ones in Pennsylvania, one of the primary concerns they have is the safety and support of their family members who require assistance. While many public entities go to great lengths to accommodate disabled individuals and provide reliable help, there are times when lapses in communication, general oversight and even carelessness can result in the injury of those who rely on the vigilance of others to stay safe. 

An incident at an airport in Portland, Oregon, has gained national attention after an elderly grandmother sustained traumatic injuries when her motorized wheelchair went down an escalator. The woman’s family members claim they requested gate-to-gate assistance for the disabled woman who was both an amputee and suffered from unnamed health problems. The lawsuit they have filed against Alaskan Airlines alleges that airline professionals failed to do their due diligence in seeing that the woman received vigilant assistance between her connecting flight from Hawaii to Washington. The wrongful death lawsuit also names Huntleigh USA, which provides passengers with transit assistance under contract with Alaskan Air. 

In traumatic footage of the woman’s fall captured on security cameras, the grandmother can be seen driving her motorized wheelchair over the edge of an escalator before tumbling downward. The footage shows bystanders rushing to the woman’s aid. The family alleges that the woman became disoriented while trying to navigate the airport and ultimately ended up in a dangerous situation. After receiving ongoing treatment for her injuries, the woman ended up dying nearly four months after the initial accident. Alaska Airlines contends that they provided the requested assistance, but once in the terminal, the woman denied ongoing help and proceeded on her own.

For families with loved ones who have been injured by the alleged negligence of others, they may wish to enlist the help of a qualified attorney. A reliable legal professional can provide knowledgeable assistance in building a case. 

Source: krem.com, “Family of Spokane woman sues Alaska Airlines, contractor over fall at Portland airport,” Dec. 29, 2017

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