Drowsy Driving Is More Serious Than Previously Estimated

If you have driven your vehicle while you felt sleepy or tired, you are not the only one. Many Carnegie motorists operate their vehicles while feeling drowsy. Though it may not seem like it is something for you to be concerned about, drowsy driving is a lot more dangerous than you think. According to a study from NBCNews.com, “70 percent of drowsy driving accidents occur during the day,” not at night. Study results show that sleepy motorists are just as dangerous as drunk and distracted drivers. 

CNN.com states drowsy driving is an issue that has researchers have been understating for years. Previously, it was estimated that sleepy motorists were responsible for up to two percent of motor vehicle collisions. New research shows that the numbers were grossly underreported. Drowsy drivers were the cause of up to nine percent of all road collisions. 

Many people are aware of how risky it is, but that knowledge does not deter them from operating their vehicles when they are not alert. Road conditions are always changing. Sleepy drivers are likely to close their eyes for few seconds, nod off and miss signs that require them to take safe and evasive actions. They also risk not being aware of other motorists, traffic signs and signals, increasing the risk of fatal road collisions. 

Getting behind the wheel while sleepy is not a safe or smart thing to do. If you find you are sleepy or suffering from fatigue more often than not when you drive, it may be time for you to examine alternative transportation options and to adjust your schedule, so you are fully alert when you are on the road.

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