Understanding What Is Meant By Distracted Driving

You are commuting to work and thoughts begin circulating in your head about all of the things you hope to accomplish before the day ends. While you are driving to work, you remember that you need to put together an agenda for today’s meeting and check your schedule to see when your son’s soccer practice is tonight. It would also be nice to finish off that breakfast sitting in the passenger seat before you get to work. At Gesk Moritz LLC, we understand the debilitating dangers of distracted driving and have helped many people in Pennsylvania to become educated about how they can avoid putting their lives at risk. 

While you may be confident in your ability to multitask while operating your vehicle, this decision is incredibly risky and can result in severe consequences if you are involved in a car accident. Some of these consequences may include injuries, damaged property, legal fines and time away from work to recover. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 9 traffic fatalities every day in the United States because of distracted driving. 

Distraction can occur in three different ways:

  • Manual: These are activities where you take your hands off of the wheel including eating, applying makeup, texting or programming a GPS.
  • Visual: Taking your eyes off of the road ahead to find a CD, change the radio station or answer a text.
  • Cognitive: Participating in behaviors that distract your mind from driving. For example, talking with your passenger and becoming distracted. 

When you are aware of the types of behaviors that constitute distracted driving, you can do your best to avoid them and protect yourself, your passengers and other motorists. For more information about car accidents, visit our web page. 

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