What Is An Attractive Nuisance?

While you should be able to reasonably assume that uninvited people will not come on your property in Pennsylvania, it still may happen. This is especially true when it comes to children. They do not understand property rights or what it means to trespass. Sometimes, they are lured onto your property because you have something there that attracts them. When that something attracts them and could also harm them, it becomes an attractive nuisance, according to Nationwide.

If you have an attractive nuisance on your property, the liability falls to you to ensure that nobody gets hurt, even if somebody comes on your property uninvited. A great example of such a thing is a swimming pool. Children love pools. They love the water. However, they do not understand the dangers of the water. They may wander into your yard because they see the pool and want to swim. If they can easily get into the pool, it could spell disaster. This is why there are usually laws requiring you to fence in a pool and to take other measures to ensure nobody can get to it without your permission.

There are many types of attractive nuisances. It is not just pools. For example, any type of construction project may also lure children and put them in harms way. Even a swing set could be a hazard. It is up to you to assess your property and make sure that you do not have anything that could put a child at risk if he or she wanders onto your property. If you do have something, such as a pool, that you want to keep on your property, then you also have the responsibility to ensure it is secure. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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