How Are Leaves On The Roadway Dangerous?

As summer ends and fall begins, there come new issues to be aware of on Pennsylvania roadways. The changing colors of leaves are sure pretty to look at, but once those leaves start falling they can become a hazard. Leaves on a road can cause many issues, especially if it rains and they are wet.

According to ABC27, one of the biggest dangers when it comes to leaves is that they make the roadway slippery. It can be compared to ice in how slick a road becomes when covered with wet leaves. Tires cannot grip the road and therefore you lose traction. It makes it more difficult to stop and control your vehicle.

However, wet leaves are not the only issue. Even when leaves are dry, they can be a hazard. If the road is covered with leaves, you cannot see the markings. During the day, this may not be such a huge issue, but at night it can make it difficult to travel a road, especially if it is a path with which you are not familiar.

The best way to handle a leaf covered road, either wet or dry, is to drive more cautiously. Slow down and anticipate that leaves could be slippery. Increase your following distance as well, and always make sure your tire tread is good. Doing these things can help you to keep better traction on the road even if there are leaves. It also allows you to react should the leaves make the road slippery. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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