Advice For Homeowners Unhappy With Hired Contractors

Owning a home includes tailoring it to match the landscape of your imagination. Transforming your kitchen, bathroom and any other much anticipated home project requires expertise from the construction industry. However, homeowners want to ensure they are getting what they paid for and agreed upon in the consultation and contract.

Unfortunately, you may see the project not turning out the way you thought or discussed. Perhaps your hired contractors are not making adjustments or listening to your requests. You are not alone when it comes to encountering difficulties with a construction crew and its leader.

Here’s what you need to do:

Review your contract – Make sure you understand all the details of what you signed in your contract. When you see something in your contract that is not being honored, take note and include a detailed description of the situation. You will need to have these key aspects identified should you take your concern to court.

Take photos and keep records – If you don’t have any “before” photos, take photos of what you are disputing in your contract, then document photos or videos of the areas of the project that do not meet the standards you put forth. Also, keep copies and records of any correspondence that was sent between yourself and the contractor you hired. This may include emails, paper receipts, text messages and recordings of any kind.

Fire and hire – Consider firing your contractor and hiring a lawyer to advocate on your behalf. Having a knowledgeable legal representative by your side, holds the construction contractor accountable for their breach of contract.

As a homeowner, you have the right to protect your investment and see to it that the quality of your home is preserved. You can do this by ensuring your complaint is heard and your legal matter is vindicated. Ethical business practices are reinforced when legal accountability is put in place. There is help and a way to get out of a home construction contract mess.

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