Can Having Your Own Dash Camera Help In An Accident?

You have probably seen dash cameras for sale online and in stores around Pennsylvania. They are becoming quite popular among drivers who want to protect themselves when on the road. You may wonder, though, if these cameras and the footage they capture can really help you in an accident. The short answer is yes, they can help in an accident, according to USA Today.

The main benefit is they provide you with evidence. If you capture an accident and the video is clear, you could provide that as proof of who was at fault. It could save you a lot of time and money. These cameras also can be handy if your vehicle is vandalized or if it is damaged in a hit and run type situation. You may help law enforcement to find the person responsible.

You can find a dash camera pretty much anywhere these days. They are aftermarket installations. Typically, they mount on your dash or windshield using a suction cup. Most get power from the DC power source in your vehicle. They are small enough to not get in your way. Some record video and audio, which can be helpful in some situations. They usually have a memory card that allows you to save the recordings. You should be able to buy one for around $50 that is good quality and provides usable videos.

Having a dash camera could really be your saving grace if you have an accident or other incident involving your vehicle. It is able to capture real-time video that shows exactly what happened. You will not have to leave things up to witnesses or statements from you and the other party. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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