How Can I Get My Vehicle Ready For Winter Roads?

There is no denying that when winter weather hits Pennsylvania the roads become treacherous. While driving a large, heavy truck may seem like the best answer to bad road conditions, it is not a feasible solution for most people. If you do not own such a vehicle, there are still some things that you can do to prepare your vehicle for winter road conditions, according to Edmunds.

Choosing the right vehicle is always helpful when thinking about safe driving on winter roads. If you can, choose one that has electronic stability control. This will help with controlling your vehicle on snow and ice. It is also helpful to have all-wheel drive, but if you do not, it could be a good thing. All-wheel drive is really only useful in heavy snow. It does not assist well with turning or maneuvering.

You should also make sure to prepare your vehicle and yourself for winter. Snow tires are very helpful because they have a special tread that gives your vehicle more stability and control. If you use regular tires, make sure you have at least 6/32 of tread. This is the minimum needed for proper traction. You also need to know how to use your anti-lock brakes. Always hold them with even pressure. Do not pump them. They work best if you stay calm and just let your vehicle coast through the skid.

Before you get ready to drive off, you need to clean your vehicle. Always clean off all the snow or ice, especially that from the roof. Snow or chunks of ice flying off your vehicle as you drive can pose a serious hazard to other vehicles. You also want to check your windshield wipers and lights to ensure they work properly. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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