Is It Better To Renovate Or Rebuild A Home?

You might think a renovation project is just what your home needs. However, not all Pennsylvania renovation projects are all that they are cracked up to be. Sometimes they turn into money pits, reveal new problems, and by the end the homeowners involved may wish they had torn down the house and rebuilt it from the ground up. Forbes explains different factors that can make either renovation or rebuilding a home a more attractive option.

Your finances may influence your decision. At first glance, tearing down a home and rebuilding it might cost more money than a simple renovation. However, some homeowners do not know what they are getting into when they start a remodeling project. The moment a wall is knocked down, more problems may be revealed, like rot, poor structural support, or bad electrical wiring. The result is that your renovation suddenly costs much more and takes more time than a simple home reconstruction would have.

Sometimes community regulations play a role. A town that has more rules can make it a bigger hassle to completely raze a home and build it from the ground up, so remodeling or renovating might seem to be the easier choice. Even so, regulations can still create complications for remodeling projects like adding on to a home if the projects run afoul of zoning rules.

The age of the home can also be a factor. Some people live in an older house, one that is decades old, and older houses contain features that are not readily available in today’s home construction. An aged home can contain pocket doors, marble window sills, door arches and finishing that would be lost if the home would be torn down. If you want to retain your older home’s character, renovation is the better move.

The complex nature of home construction may lead you to choose a simple renovation project. Hiring an inspector to look at your home can reveal hidden problems and give you more information that you can use to decide on the right kind of home improvement. This can also help you avoid complications with a contractor. Keep in mind that this article is written to educate readers on construction topics and does not offer legal advice.

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