Survey Highlights Dangers Of Distracted Driving

For most people in Pennsylvania, a cell phone is all but an essential part of everyday life. It goes everywhere a person goes and has even replaced landlines in many homes and businesses. However, it also has exposed drivers to yet another way to focus on something other than the act of driving safely. Simply put, distracted driving has today become a serious problem throughout the country.

According to a report made recently by USA Today, the vehicle insurance quoting website called The Zebra conducted a survey this spring that took a look at the views of drivers around the country as they pertain to distractions and technology when driving. For drivers who are 16 or 17 years old or over the age of 34 years old, an average of one in every four people said they felt compelled to look at their phones when a new message was received while they were driving.

For drivers between the ages of 18 and 34, however, a whopping 37% of respondents indicated that they felt very pulled to look at their phones to check incoming messaging while behind the wheel. These messages often come during commute times to and from work and the urge to check them may well be connected to a desire to stay on top of things at work. The wish to be a good employee, it seems, might just well be putting people in danger.

Employers may need to take a more active stance on this matter, reminding employees that every message can wait until a driver safely reaches their destination.

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