Research Shows Link Between Caffeine Intake And Truck Accidents

Truckers are required to adhere to certain rules as they drive their rigs in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Circumstances sometimes force flexibility upon enforcement agencies and let truckers go beyond various mandates. This, however, can lead to danger with truck accidents, injuries and fatalities.

With the nation confronted by a health challenge, certain drivers have been excluded from following the rules for hours-of-service. This has resulted in drivers ingesting coffee and other caffeinated beverages to help them remain awake and alert. Research suggests that this could raise accident risk. The study analyzed more than 3,000 truckers in the U.S. from eight states. It found that if a driver had at least five cups of coffee per day, their health declined, their sleep was worse, they consumed more alcohol, they were smokers, and their diets were poorer.

Drivers using more caffeine does not necessarily mean that it is a direct cause for more accidents. Still, it could contribute to lifestyle choices that raise the chance of negative side effects and collisions. This study does not imply that drivers should shun caffeine entirely. It is believed to have short-term benefits. It is the overuse of caffeine that can be problematic. Nearly 28% of drivers who took part were categorized as “high-caffeine” users and had an accident in the prior three years. For those in the study who had lower amounts of caffeine, it was 21.6%.

At least five cups placed a coffee drinker in the “high” category and one cup placed them in a “low” category. Drivers were trusted to self-report the data. Also, the amount of caffeine from one drink to another can vary. People in passenger vehicles who are involved in a truck accident can face severe injuries and lose their lives. Often, a truck accident is associated with trucker negligence, distracted driving, DUI or drowsiness. As this study shows, too much caffeine and excessive time on the road could be a factor. Having legal assistance after truck accidents may be necessary to pursue compensation for medical costs, lost income, funeral expenses and more.

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