Construction Defects Can Ruin Dream Homes

Pennsylvania homeowners don’t want to put all of their energy and money into building the homes of their dreams only to find out that there are construction defects when the work is done. A construction defect is any defect found in the build of the house, the design of the house, the construction of the house or the way the house looks. There are many things that can cause a construction defect issue.

A design deficiency happens when the designer or the architect of the home builds it in such a way that it ultimately becomes uninhabitable or has serious defects that take away from the enjoyment of a home. For instance, a design efficiency in a basement would be one where the basement gets continuously flooded because of where it was built or the foundation that it was built on top of.

construction deficiency generally refers to issues like poor workmanship that create an uninhabitable or dangerous situation in a build. This could mean electrical or mechanical issues, a pest infestation due to the types of materials that were used or foundations that suddenly start to crack after work has been completed. When homeowners enter into a contract with a construction company, they assume that the company has done all of the due diligence and research necessary to ensure that the home will be in sound and perfect condition when finished.

There are many different types of issues that could make homeowners end up with construction defects. When homeowners find that they are experiencing this type of issue, they may benefit from working with a law firm that has experience in construction law. The law firm may be able to help clients through the complex and sensitive issues common in real estate and construction cases.

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